Thursday, April 1, 2010

UFO's and other Sewing projects

It's been SO long since I've spent some decent time sewing, so I've decided to dedicate tomorrow, and perhaps even Saturday and Sunday to getting some UFO's out of the way, as well as playing with some awesome new patterns and fabric I've acquired recently.

I ended buying a ton more fabric recently when it was on sale from for $1/yard. Now I'm going to sit down and make at least one skirt with the 20 or so yards of different fabric I bought. I know.. that's a lot of fabric, so I'm self banned from buying new clothes until I make (and finish) at least two pieces.

I was thinking of making a pencil skirt from a pattern I recently bought. Last night I sat down to cut out the pattern and realised I'd bought a pattern one size too small. :( I could scale it, but I think instead I'm going to use the sloper I made in pattern making class a while back. That's what it's for after all!!

Today I just need to make sure I gather together all the notions, so tomorrow.. I'll be ready finally.

I miss boot camp terribly, but I don't think I'll be able to go back at all. The cost is just too prohibitive.

I've had a tough time getting up early ever since the time changed to daylight savings. This morning I had Lou literally PUSH me out of bed when he got up to leave for work, and I managed to get my jog in before he had left. Now if only he was there 5 days a week to give me a shove.


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