Thursday, April 9, 2009

Calling all Stargate fans

I've been asked to think up some categories for the tags we'll be using in the Stargate site. I figured since some of my friends are fans, that this would be a great place to get your input!

Here is what I have so far:
* Species > e.g.: Goa'uld
* Places > e.g.: P3X-584
* Weapons > e.g.: X-699
* Other Characters > e.g.:Henry Hayes
* Transport > e.g.:Dial Home Device
* Home Entertainment > e.g. Blu-ray Fan's Choice
* Kino >e.g. Kino 101

I think the one I'm not loving the most is "species" because we'd like to include stuff like Satedan, but of course that's not a species. I was thinking.. Home System? but again not really working for Ancients or Goa'uld...

Please help!



padawan_aneiki said...

What about the Wraith?? ;) Gotta find a way to squeeze Todd in there. LOL

Jeni said...

Actually Todd is going to have a much more prominent position than he had before :) We ended up going with "beings" instead of "species" as it encompassed more as a category heading.


morjana said...

Hi, Jeni.

I have a question.

What is Kino?

I googled it, and didn't get a satisfactory answer.

Thank you!


morjana said...

Hi, Jeni.

Regarding your categories:

* Species
* Places
* Weapons
* Other Characters
* Transport
* Home Entertainment
* Kino

Just for your information, here are the categories that GateWorld's Omnipedia use:


I have some suggestions for additions:

1. Story Arcs

And some suggestions for different words for some of your classifications:

* Species - Genomes? Extraterrestrial Life Forms? ETs?
* Places - Loci? Habitats?
* Weapons - Technology? Kinetic Energy Devices?
* Transport - Conveyance?
* Home Entertainment - Video Mission Logs? Video Archives?

Thank you, Jeni!



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