Friday, April 24, 2009

Confusing cross blogging

Instead of trying to do some confusing mixture of blogs, I'm just going to blog on this one about sewing, cooking, and misc. My old blog.. has been resurrected! Go ahead and talk Stargate to me over there now :)

Only two weeks left on my 1950's Dress Making class. Last week we sewed in the collar, doing a lot of basting stitches, pinning, pulling, basting, then machine sewing while hoping it was all straight. I turned it out the right way to discover it worked! I was very pleased. Doing it on my own, now on my own dress is going to be a whole new experience. I have the fabric and notions for the second dress, but I've resisted cutting it and getting it ready until I can be sure the bodice will fit on the current one. I really really want to try doing an FBA, as I believe that's where most of my fit problems will be in the current dress. My sewing teacher helped me make some pattern alterations, but not a proper FBA. Before I attach the skirt to the bodice, I will need to add the darts for the waist. It looks like I'll have to add 4 darts in the front, and 2 or 4 darts in teh back.

Fun stuff!


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