Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Really Red.. showing a big too much in front

So the dress I ordered in a mild panic actually turned out to be really nice! One minor adjustment is going to be covering up my.. ample.. cleavage.

Thoughts about how I might achieve that? I was thinking two things. One way would be to sew something onto the inside of the neck line. Either a small triangle of red fabric (hard to match), or flesh colored fabric (also hard to match). Another way would be to add some sort of "fringe" although I think that would go against the general style of the dress.
I could also wear a cami, or leotard that is flesh colored underneath.




kayte said...

You look sensational...shame you have to cover up (but understand that probably a best option when dancing).

I'd go the leotard option. Should be able to get string straps. If flesh color is just too different from your own can you get away with black underneath? Or any complimentary color would work.

If you wouldn't wear it out (after the dancing) as is then perhaps sew in fabric triangle but why make it red or flesh? Why not make it some nice patterned material in complimentary colours? Maybe even something with a bit of sparkle.

linamackenzie said...

I'm with Kayte, it's va va voom!

I say, go the hollywood tape to avoid a wardrobe malfunction and work the 'girls'!

I also like her suggestion of using a triangle of fabric. Something with sequins and then you could do a little rosette on the hip or somewhere else (your hair?) to tie it all in.
Either way, the red dress looks fabulous!


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