Sunday, March 22, 2009

Butter! I made some.

I read an article about making butter a couple weeks ago, and this morning I finally decided to try it. Honestly I can't believe how easy it is! I went to Whole Foods Market, and bought some nice organic cream, of course it was also very expensive (I did the math, it costs more to make butter than buy it :()

I left the cream on the counter for about an hour to get rid of the chill, and poured some into my micro food processor. I filled it about half way.

I turned the processor on for a short while, then opened it up, and was surprised to see it was already pretty far along!

I then poured out the buttermilk and gave it to a very happy Qyv and Druss. I added some cold filtered water from the fridge, and processed some more.

And poured that out, and added some more cold filtered water.

Finally I poured out the last of the water (as it ran clear) and turned the butter out onto some parchment paper. Using a butter knife, I rolled and squeezed more water out of the butter.

Finally I formed it into a blog, gave it one last squeeze, and put it in a jar!

Apparently this is called "sweet cream butter". I didn't add any salt to it, but I ran to the store and bought a fresh baguette with which I am about it eat it!


Made by Lena