Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hit the panic button

I decided to hit the panic button today, as last night I came close to finishing the top for the rhythm outfit.. but the skirt isn't even cut out yet!

I bought this:

If my other outfit doesn't get finished, I'll have a backup. Honestly though at this point I don't care. I'm over it! The fabric you sew these costumes from is basically impossible to use. It slides all over the place, it crinkles, it makes the machine do funky things (even my shiny new machine) so that I spend half my sewing time unstitching stuff and starting over!

The whole showcase thing is just too much. I didn't mind match comp nearly as much, because I didn't have to constantly stress about costumes.

Perhaps if I were a better seamstress, or could afford to buy proper gowns it would be OK, but right now it's just not fun.


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