Saturday, March 28, 2009

Starting A New Hope Leia

Not wanting to be the only one without a full costume come Halloween.. I've started on a Princess Leia ANH Senatorial Gown for this year.

Although it's not soon, I want to give myself enough time to mess it up and fix it a couple times.

Here is my pattern (yes, I made it myself.. it's a T, how hard is that?)

The oh so fantastic polyester fabric (well the original was made from polyester.. who's to argue!).

Finally the Vinyl for the belt, and some button covers that will go in the center of each metal piece on the belt. I also have some white snaps for the back of the belt, but for some reason didn't take a photo of them.

The fabric is in the wash now, to get all the shrinking out of the way. Next step is to cut it out, sew it together, unstitch it, sew it together again, unstitch it.. etc etc.



James "Psy" Kocsis said...
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James "Psy" Kocsis said...

You better wear that to work when you're done with it!!


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