Monday, September 21, 2009

Day one, Week one Bootcamp

At a final frustration point with my extreme love of procrastination when it comes to my personal fitness, I signed up for bootcamp.

Obviously not even close to the "real" thing, but at least the instructor will yell at me if I'm late, or if I skip a session. I chickened out and took the 3 day/week package instead of the 5 day/week. I figure if I can make it through the next four weeks, I'll consider doing it 5 days/week. Problem I have now is that I need to find another $200 in my budget to cover this new expense.

The day started off well, we meet at 5.30am at a park near my house. As I drove out the driveway, I realise I've completely forgotten to bring water. Thinking about going home to fill up a bottle, I decided it would be much quicker to simply stop by the 7-11 and buy a bottle. I was wrong. The guy at the 7-11 had decided it was a great time of the day to do his accounting. Both the registers were down, and he was counting change. 10 minutes later he finally rings me up, as I'm frantically hopping on the spot. I run out the door, and drive much faster than is really safe, and make it to the address. I should have realised that while the park has an address, the group might be anywhere in the park. I do a fast lap, and spot a group of ladies in the stage type area. Park, and run over. 5 minutes late. I hate being late, it makes me very upset, and to think these ladies don't even know me yet, and already I've made a terrible impression.

We set out on a brisk walk which reminds me how MUCH out of shape I am. Everyone is chatting, and walking so fast I can barely keep up. Trying to put on a brave face, I grin and grunt, and make it back. Normally if I was working out alone, this is where I'd go home, and lay on my couch until I recovered. Not today! We launch into a warm up. Swinging my arms to warm them up is surprisingly tiring, and slightly painful. We go onto doing some lunges, squats, jumpy things, more jumpy things, then off on a JOG. I smile, and pant my way around the jog. Another lady thankfully is as slow as me, and as I fall into a stumble/walk towards the end, back run all the ladies who already finished to encourage us to jog the rest.
More exercises, these things where you squat, then jump. Flapjacks (which incidentally just served to remind me I hadn't had breakfast), wall squats, wall jumpy things, plank (I collapsed into modified plank on my knees pretty quickly), sit ups, child's pose (my belly prevented me from finding this even slightly relaxing). Another jog, which I actually jogged most of the way on, then stretching.

I spent half the class with fogged up glasses, and the other half just plain old blind (took them off). At the end of class I was informed I'd missed orientation. I don't remember seeing anything about orientation, but apparently it was at 7am yesterday (Sunday) since I drank very late into the night Saturday, I'm pretty sure even if I'd known about it I wouldn't have shown up. Wednesday morning I have to stay late, which she weighs me, measures me, finds my fat level. I REALLY don't want to do this. I had a personal trainer in the past, who would weigh me every time I came, and berate me for "eating badly" because I wasn't losing as much weight as he thought I should. Now I tear up every time a stranger expects me to bare the parts of me I'm most ashamed of. I tried to tell my well meaning instructor that I really didn't want to... I was going to see improvements in myself that aren't related to the shame of my size. Apparently I have no choice. I can only hope to plead with her on Wednesday, but I am pretty sure she won't let me get out of it. I hope she doesn't mind watching me cry.

Overall I feel good, another of the ladies there recommended I take advil as soon as I got home, and tomorrow, and every day until the pain subsides. I've taken mine for the day, and generally I feel good. I know tomorrow morning will be tough, and Wednesday morning even more so.


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