Thursday, June 10, 2010


I own one.

Fascinating right? Every morning I'd make the trek (short walk) to the exercise room at my apartment complex, and about half the time, someone would be using MY treadmill. Irritating right? I'll take just about any excuse not to exercise, so I was basically skipping half my workouts.

I bought a treadmill.

Anyone that's been in my apartment knows, there is literally no space for a treadmill. I made space. It does fold down to quite flat, and I can put it under the bed (not easy nor convenient but still possible) if I really have to (please don't come over so I have to). I can't be any place in my apartment (except my bed!) without having to look at it. Good news! Every day since I've had it, I've walked/jogged on it for an hour or more. I tried to play "Red Dead Redemption" while walking, but that proved more difficult than I had anticipated (can't aim).

How long will this last? Hopefully until I break it from overuse :D


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