Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Oh No Dress Rehearsal!

So it turns out I calculated all wrong, and the dress rehearsal for our performance on the 8th is actually THIS Saturday (the 28th Feb) NOT the one before the Showcase (7th March).

This means I'm one week behind on my costumes!! For the dress rehearsal I will be performing my waltz with Sam. As soon as I was told that.. the entire routine literally FLEW out of my head. I have no idea even how we do the start... Hopefully it will all come back to me in time for Saturday (or indeed the Showcase).

I am also somewhat confused as to the location of said Showcase. I was told "Renaissance Hollywood" but on the schedule for next month, it says "Renaissance LAX". These venues are not close together!

Onto my sewing of the costumes. Of course I couldn't stand following a pattern properly, that would just be FAR too simple and quick. Instead I took parts I liked about different patterns and combined them.
For my smooth costume, I needed a skirt/dress that was floor length. While I liked the skirt from this pattern: McCall pattern 5136, I hated the top. Anything sleeveless, or turtleneck looks really awful on me. SO I decided to make the skirt part of the dress an actual skirt. In hindsight I should have made the entire dress, but sized the top part so I could put a top over it. Anyway.. so now I have this skirt that starts around my hips. I thought it would be a great idea to add a yoke to the top of the panels and godets, to have to reach towards my waist, and also help it stay long enough. I measured myself for a similar skirt with a yoke, cut out that, and attached it to my skirt section. I tried it on. It falls straight to the floor if I left go. It's not a "little" bit too big, it's far too big. The fabric I used is also not as stretchy as I remembered. I am worried when I take in the yoke part, I won't be able to get it on!
Possible solutions:
- Ease in the skirt to the yoke making it smaller and hope I can get it on/off.
- Ease & insert a zipper (I haven't learned how to do invisible ones yet though).
- Add a small band at the top of the yoke, and insert either cord or elastic.

I haven't decided what to do yet, except I think easing the yoke smaller is going to be required. I don't have a zipper in the right color for the skirt, and am concerned it would be too obvious on the size. Perhaps the extra band at the top, with a ribbon tied at the side would look nice? Argh!!

Here is my idea for the top and bottom together.. please note they are NOT pink, top is baby blue, bottom is baby blue and pale green godets, and no underskirt.

Now my second major problem is the top(s) (Since I have finished a skirt for the rhythm costume.. but nothing to wear on top!).
I have sized, cutout and sewn together this: Simplicity 4401. The view with the little pretend sleeves. My problem is that is simply doesn't fit. It looks like it's about two sizes too large. I figure with some help I can sew in some darts to better fit my ample chest. I can take in the sides some to make up for the chest size. I think if I unstitch the bra section from the tummy covering section and put in rather more dramatic gathers it will allow for more chest space.
If that works out for the smooth top, I will make another to go with the rhythm skirt, and be done. If it doesn't work out.. I'm at a loss, I have no idea what top could work with the rhythm skirt, except perhaps a black one?
I was also thinking since I have a "fast and easy" pattern for a dress, I could make that (in black with silver butterlies.. kinda cute?) and add a lot of fullness to the rather plain skirt.. perhaps making a full circle skirt.

Too many choices! I will post pictures once I get myself a card reader, I just haven't gotten around to it yet!


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