Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Showcase in 4 weeks!

While four weeks may sound like a long time, considering I only take one private lesson a week, and that's when we work on my routines, that's a very short time.

I've booked an additional lesson next Wednesday, which sadly bumps "date night" with Loui. The only routine I have so far (out of 5) is my Waltz routine. I definitely feel like I was finally being pushed properly, and not just concentrating on minutiae. There are three fast turns I am not making yet, perhaps I need to just go to the dance school when I don't have a class, and try it until I get it?

Here is what we plan to do in the routine (repeat until they tell us to stop):
A fancy set of arm waving and step to a quick turn into basic (this is just the first time).
5th position (balance steps) 5 times
Turn under on the 6th
Open break to Underarm Turn
Feather Steps to Promenade
Developpé into underarm turn
Rock step then back to frame
Promenade Developpé
Start over from balance steps

Next lesson will be with Alexis, so I am assuming we will work on a Tango routine, and perhaps a swing routine.

I haven't even started on my smooth dress.. starting to wonder if I will have time to do a muslin to fit, then the final one.


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