Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ginger Ale part 3 (Family History)

Thanks to Father dearest, I now know that apparently my love of Ginger Ale may be genetic!! How you may ask? Here is what my father told me:

Your Great Grand mother used to make Ginger Ale by the dozens of bottles.
In those days (the fifties I remember well) there were no plastic bottles so they used old 750oz beer bottles and bought the caps and stamped them on. They would make 2 dozen at a time and would have batches on the go right through summer so they never ran out. As far as calories are concerned, just count the sugar and cause its so good don't worry too much. Just ration yourself to a couple of bottles a week. The recipe sounds about right and how it was made all those years ago. The skills and the will to make all this evaporated as more fizzy drinks came on the market and it was cheaper and quicker to just buy them already done.

Just to add to the history, one of the other reasons why they made a number of bottles of ginger ale is that several would explode as the yeast did its work and expanded the mix. A ginger plant was permanently growing adjacent to the production line in another bottle and the fresh ginger used to make the next batch.

What a great story! Dad also told me he used to be able to hear the bottles exploding in the night. That would be quite an experience.


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