Thursday, January 22, 2009

Possible patterns for Showcase

I've been researching patterns that conform to some basic needs for my Showcase long dress.
Must have:
  • Floor length (or ability to make that long)
  • Cinch at or above waist
  • Covers my back and front enough to wear supportive undergarments
  • Very large full skirt so my legs can move freely
Would like:
  • Sleeves (not fond of my arms)
  • Easy enough for me to sew without hurting myself
Must not:
  • Be a sheath (doesn't look good on a large chest/hips)
  • Turtle neck, or anything with a high neck (large chest!)
What I have found so far has been mostly through research on I found some reviews from a fellow ballroom dancer (although she's very svelte) and got some ideas of things I can make that will require some switching around to work for me.

First is a McCall pattern 5136

The one I'm looking at is the long version. The skirt is what I love in this dress. This is the review that inspired me to use at least the bottom/skirt idea.

Next up is the Butterick 4919. Sadly the top of this dress doesn't appeal too much, although it's better than the first one. While it covers the most important areas, it doesn't cover my arms, and I'm worried I'll be too self conscious about it.
Of course the drawing is wonderful, such a tiny waist, and legs that go up to her ears! Another review from the same person that made the other dress is here.

I kinda like the sleeves from the "Decades of Style: 1930's Button Dress" so I was thinking I could pretty easily attach these to the McCall pattern, and with a bit more work, to the Butterick.

Please ladies (and gents) give me some feedback and help me choose before I waste oodles of muslin!


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padawan_aneiki said...

I like the first one...I like the idea of the long gloves...rather elegant looking, IMO. That's my vote!


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