Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dancing pressure to Foxtrot or not

I had a rather interesting discussion with my dance instructor last night during my lesson. Sam is really keen for me to add more dances to my program, and I am not interested. I LIKE dancing a lot, but there is a ton to think about while you're dancing, that isn't just the steps you need to take.
My argument against adding new dances is my memory. While I consider I have a fairly average memory, I am definitely better at learning patterns than most. This means the footwork isn't a problem, I see it once, and i can do it. The problem lies in that WHILE I am doing said footwork, I need to be doing something with my arms (mostly that's for swing), my posture, in waltz there is the rise and fall, pointing toes, and much more. Basically I'd rather "master" the dances already in my program (Waltz, Tango, Merengue, East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing and Viennese Waltz) before moving onto doing more.
The argument Sam gave me to pick up more is "it's more fun". While I enjoy dancing, and it's certainly fun for me, I really don't want the stress! Another point Sam made was that of all his students, he pushes the ones that he likes dancing with. I wasn't sure if this was just something he says to all his students (he's very sweet.. so that's possible) or if he really thinks I should go for it.
Every time I complain about having not enough space in my brain to retain so much.. he points out that I won the Merengue at Match Comp, against all levels, not just people in my grade. I still think they made some sort of mistake in awarding me that first... but that's a whole other thing.

In the end, I love Foxtrot and it's not in my program. I won a first place at Match Comp dancing Foxtrot, and that's with only a couple beginner classes under my belt. I was considering dropping east coast swing instead of adding a new one. I like East Coast, but I find it quite difficult, especially when it's super fast, and my partner is doing a lot of improvisation. At least with West Coast Swing I can improvise on my own!

For Christmas bonuses for the dance teachers, they are holding a "two for one" day, on the Sunday right before Christmas. I've booked myself at 9.30am (I know crazy huh?) and 10:15am with Sam and Terra respectively. The students pay in cash, directly to their instructors. I think it's a great way to show our appreciation to our teachers, and get some extra lessons to boot!

Trader Joes had some small potted Christmas Trees for sale. Usually I dig out our tiny plastic one, but I was craving the smell of pine this year. It's totally worth it. It's tiny enough so it can sit on the cabinet that's below where the TV hangs on the wall. I took a picture, but then saved it to my home computer. Will upload laters.

In the meantime, I really love this photo Loui took of my dancing at Match Comp, and am thinking of getting a print of it to hang on the wall. Tell me what you think?

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