Saturday, December 13, 2008

Pastries Pr0n

My resolve to post less about food isn't going so well! Tonight there is a party at my dance school called "Naughty and Nice". For this party I was assigned the task of bringing "Naughty Pastries".
After some googling yesterday, I settled on visiting a local store called "Pastries by Edie" today to see if they were going to have pastries naughty enough. They do. I bought a whole box of them. They are so gorgeous, that I took photo's of a couple of them. if you can imagine, I have an assortment box full of these, all different and all just too lovely to eat! They come in mini and regular, so I bought a box full of mini's, thinking they'd be easier to eat standing up as little bites.

I have no idea what flavors these are, but aren't they lovely to look at!

I'll let you know how they taste after I pluck up the courage to destroy one.


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