Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Carved a pumpkin

Loui bought us a couple pumpkins yesterday and last night I carved one of them.

Not as fun as the one I did last year, but still cute. Will take a picture once I get a candle to light it up with!

Tonight is dancing, private lesson with my #2 instructor Alexis. He's much tougher on me that my other instructor, but it should be interesting. Of course I didn't practice my "rise and fall" for waltz, and I'm sort of hoping he doesn't remember that I was supposed to! I'll be "rising and falling" (hopefully not on my butt) as I walk around for the rest of the day, and hopefully that will be enough.

I didn't sew at all last night (was busy with the pumpkin) but the dress is staring at me whenever I sit on the couch.. hopefully the "binding foot" I bought for my machine arrives soon, so I can finish it properly. My sewing school is doing a charity "pajamaramathon" on Saturday. We all take our basic sewing kits, and help make pajama pants from donated patterns and fabric to give to womens shelters in the area. Should give me tons of practice, and hopefully I'll not snip anything not meant for my scissors!

Work is.. work. Temp started today working on the front end for one of the sites. He's quiet, and seems to be busy working on it, although I wasn't going to stand over him on his first day. It's hard to get started at a new place, although I think he's going alright. Our boss disappeared before lunch, and shortly after that we got an email from his assistant saying "Reminder: Boss will be out rest of the day, plus tomorrow." Awesome considering we were never told in the first place! I guess that means I'll be the point person for the temp.

Fun stuff! Hopefully some pictures tomorrow to jazz up the blog!


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