Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Updated look for the blog

While the standard templates at blogger are fine, I've found one even better! I did a google search for templates for blogger blogs, and found this one. I changed the image in the header, and the alignment of the title (and margins.. woohoo I did CSS!) and got it all pretty much lined up.
Here is where I got the template: Thanks Lena!

It's amazing how much time you can spend making a blog look a certain way right? Hopefully this one I can grow with going forward, and I won't ditch it like I have some others in the past.

My mate Terri rang me this morning. Was so lovely to hear from her! She was trying to get my rather large self out of bed to go work out. Sadly my ringer was set to "Down Under" by men at work, so I didn't wake. Next time I'll set it to something much louder and much more irritating. Terri on the other hand was already back from her workout when she got ahold of me. Oops!

I've been toiling to get some XML stuff working for the new Impact site. I don't know why, but it's not been easy getting it to work. I think because they way they use the XML isn't quite right. Unfortunately it's the XML that's given to ComCast for the TV Station, so I don't get to complain about the format.
This will be the third time I've written these scripts to do the import. Each time we've received a new set.. the formatting was different. In the most recent set there were a lot of blank lines too. I'm honestly not sure that it's faster for me to write a system with a constantly changing input, or for someone to just enter 25 movies in a tool. Either way it's given me something moderately interesting to do for the past few days.

I took a picture of my carved pumpkin, but of course I haven't downloaded it. Soon I promise!


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