Friday, October 24, 2008

Impact almost done!

Looks like we'll be done a week early for our November launch of the impact site. I really didn't think it was going to happen, but looks like now it might!

Even though it's a quick and simple site, it wasn't quick or simple for us. Missing a key person in our production team pretty much ground everything to a halt. That and all the other "bits and pieces" we spend all our time doing.

I was embarrassed yesterday when the contractor for the front end showed me how to shorten my ajax code down to a couple lines.. for something I had almost an entire page doing before. I thought it was working fine, but then later in the day I tested it again, and was vindicated.. by his code not working! I shouldn't be so pleased about that.. but I can't help it.

I managed to sew on all the bias tape to one of my dress projects, but can't seem to gather the energy to hem it and sew on the buttons. Once that's done I'll get back to trying to put the zipper in the other dress.
Here is the dress with the bias tape (also shown in the drawing top right in the header, looks much nicer on!)

Here is my drive to work yesterday (They reopened the freeway about 30mins before I got there.. so took me many hours to get to and from work!)


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