Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Time flies

Well tomorrow is the second last bootcamp! I can tell you I'm honestly very disappointed. I feel stronger, and I really do look forward to going. The group is supportive, but won't let you slack. I can run the "little girl" and "big girl" stairs without TOO much cursing (OK I lie.. I still curse a lot while doing it).

I'll have to dig around in my finances, and see if I can't come up with some more $$ to keep going. At the moment I've been concentrating on saving and paying off some debts. With the imminent implosion of my company, I don't want to end up homeless come Christmas if MGM goes away.

On Friday we did mostly reps. It was easy at the start, but I think she had us going in sets of 10-20 switching legs with arms (prisoner squats, then push ups, rinse, repeat) for over 5 minutes before she'd let us rest. I had some trouble walking on Saturday, but found my arms never really got the same pain. I am TERRIBLE at push ups. It just hurts my knees too much on the modified, and on the regular my arms fail me. I end up not getting a very good workout for my arms. Monday I decided to bring my 8lb weights as well at the 5lb's. Of course we only used them on our big and little stairs jog.

I've been considering trying a boot camp on the beach. I can drive over Topanga Canyon in the morning, do boot camp, then go to work to shower. In the end I'm afraid I won't have a group as awesome as the one I'm in now. I think Misty is the best fitness instructor I've worked with. She's tough, won't let you slack, but really nice, understanding, and helpful. The other ladies are always upbeat, encouraging. No divas, or pretty girls just wanting to be looked at (some of the ladies are very pretty, just not that type).

I'm really behind on my sewing, although am enrolled in a "zipper intensive" starting on the 25th. Should whip up a skirt this weekend and practice!

I was thinking this one:

Just have to decide which fabric from my stash to use. I also have still to finish my Leia costume (90% done), my study hall skirt which I was sewing in red, with cherries on black fabric.


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