Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Second Bootcamp

Of course I came back for another 4 weeks. Who can resist I say?

I decided to stick with the Valley boot camp, because of a lot of reasons, but mostly the ladies, the trainer, and the convenient location.

My ending evaluation from the last boot camp was a little disappointing for me. I gained 3lbs lean body mass, and lost 3lbs fat. Great.. no actual weight, just a redistribution!

Resolving to push it much harder this time around, and work out alone on those two spare days (Tuesday and Thursday, still taking weekends off).

Again this morning I was paired with the slowest runner for a jogging relay type thing. I really need to talk to our trainer about that. While I am still fairly slow, I am considerably faster than the slowest. I'd much rather be paired with a faster runner, so I can push harder to keep up!

Friday is our "start test" day, where we run the 2 miles, have 60 seconds to do push ups, then 60 seconds to do crunches. Hoping to beat my scores from last week of last camp AND then in four weeks beat them again!

What to do about calves? It's the thing that slows me down the most. My calves hurt after just a short time running. I'm fairly breathless, but nothing I can't get past. I feel like I can't take another step they are so tight. Any advice?


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