Monday, November 2, 2009

First day, second week, second camp

Last Friday were our evaluations. This time it was a little different. We were tested on how long we could hold full plank (45 seconds BOO), how many squat jumps we could do in 60 seconds (35.. one of the best!), and how many laps we could do on a sprint course (10.. average in our group).

Hopefully the last day of camp I can best ALL of my scores.

To be honest I didn't feel properly challenged last week. While it was hard (especially Friday) I didn't get any lingering muscle soreness. I should be happy right? Instead I just feel like I didn't try hard enough.

Today was different. I am sore already.. which means tomorrow i'll be 10x as sore as now. To warm up, we ran the little stairs (I counted this time, 10 steps, 4 flights) and then the big stairs (15 steps, 7 flights). That was JUST the warm up, although at the end I was really struggling.
We moved onto 12 chest presses, 12 push ups, Count to 12 while holding full plank, 12 punches with weights, one jogging lap around the park. Then we did it again, but with two laps around the park, then we did it again. That last time I barely made the first lap and our trainer called time.

We assembled at the back wall of the small area we work out in, and proceeded to "run against the wall", sort of like jogging on the spot, but you're pushing against the wall. It's challenging. Then we relaxed for 2 minutes in a "wall sit"... it's really not very relaxing.

Thinking this was it, we were going to start our cool down since it was already 6.15, I felt a rush of relief. Only to be told we were to grab our weights, and do the little AND big stairs again.

The last flight up on the big stairs I practically crawled. My chest was burning, my legs were wobbling, the pain to come was top of my mind.

It was fantastic. Looking forward to more this week!


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