Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Visiting the mountains

On the weekend I went up and stayed with a friend in the mountains. I knew it was going to get chilly, but it still took your breath away. The contrast between the mountain (Tecuya Ridge area) and the San Fernando Valley was amazing. I couldn't believe I was so close to home, but in such a different environment. A couple days earlier there had been a light dusting of snow, which was still sticking to the ground near the top of the mountain.

It was delightful, and I felt like I'd been gone for a whole week. Had some fun checking out the sights, playing with the dogs, looking at the work my friend had put into his water supply. Refreshing! Can't wait to go back up there, especially after some proper snow has fallen, and go for a cross country ski. Need to figure out a place that will rent me skis, as all I have are downhill ones, not much use without a chair lift!
I just had an idea about a rope tow. Letting it go.

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