Monday, November 30, 2009

Back to bootcamp!

I just realised that this has turned into my boot camp blog. I really didn't mean for that to happen, but aside from work, it's the thing I do the most.

Dancing has really taken a back seat lately. I had a bad Match Competition some months ago, and my confidence took a big hit. I also don't like to dance with so many strangers. In group class you can tell they don't want to have to dance with me. OK that sounded sad and full of self pity. It's not really like that, but I just haven't felt good about dancing except with my instructors lately.
I did well in my freestyle exams recently, but that was dancing with my instructor (Joel). He makes it seem like I'm a fabulous dancer. It really is all about your partner in Ballroom.

This boot camp is only 3 weeks long, so I have decided to push it, and am doing 5 days /week. This morning we met two new ladies who've joined our group, both young and fit. The only other larger lady has not returned for this camp. At first I was a little upset about that, but about half way through our workout we were sent on a jog around the park, and I ran hard and fast, and kept up with the fastest runners for the first time! Of course I was ready to collapse at the end of that, and spent the rest of the workout trying to catch my breath. I think it was worth it though.

Our trainer Misty ordered me to obtain a new sports bra for this camp. My old one was very good, but it was old. The RVM was a 4 when I got it, but I'm pretty sure it's a 1 or 0 now! Unfortunately it didn't arrive in time for today's camp, but I've asked Loui to check the mail today and see if it arrives for tomorrow's camp.

On Friday I took delivery of a photo scanner. One specifically for scanning in postcard type prints. I have a really big box of photos from when I lived in Germany, up until I got my first digital camera. I scanned in a few and posted them on Flickr. I don't really like the scans, they all seem washed out, and the color "correction" on some was really terrible. Nice idea.. bad implementation. Luckily I got it from for almost nothing, so I'm going to scan them all anyway, just in case! Better a bad digital copy than none at all.
This is the scanner I bought: Hammacher Schlemmer Portable Digital Photo Converter

I had hoped to do some sewing over the 4 day break, but I didn't manage to lift a finger. I cleaned a lot, so my apartment is sparkling now, making it not so bad I didn't sew.


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