Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Day 2, Week 3, Camp 2 - Picked last

I don't remember ever being picked last before. I wish I didn't know how that felt! It's kinda awful if you think about it.

Don't want to dwell, just have to work harder. I stopped by Trader Joe's Monday night, and picked up a couple bags of broccoli & cauliflower (fresh, in bags you can microwave) and have been trying to eat a ton more vegetables. Instead of mixing a yolk into my eggs and veggies for breakfast, I'm now just sticking to egg whites.

Perhaps I should blog here more often about food. No. Nevermind. I know I eat well most of the time, I just eat too much!

We did an interesting workout today, but I don't feel like it was very challenging. Divided into two teams, we had a single team member run to where there was a pack of cards, these cards showed an exercise, and a number of reps. The winning team was chosen based on the number of cards completed. We lost. Our "punishment" was that the other team got to choose 3 minutes worth of exercise for us. Honestly I was glad I got those extra 3 minutes... why am I there if not to exercise?!
After the second minute passed, most of the other team had joined in, realising what they were missing.

Loui made some noises about wanting to go running. I hope he does. I wish he'd run with me (if he can keep up *snicker*). Sadly the only time I have to exercise is before work, and since he usually goes to bed 4-5 hours after I do, I doubt that will ever happen.

Bought this on -> Perfect Pullup.

Thanks to woot it's only $15. Plan to mount it on the doorway to the bathroom. Wish I could fit a treadmill or elliptical machine someplace, but it would take up WAY too much room in my tiny apartment. One day maybe.


ps. Thanks for the encouragement John :)

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