Monday, November 9, 2009

Day 1, week 3, camp 2

I meant to blog on Friday, because it was a fairly momentous day for me at boot camp. First time I cried a little. Not overtly, more a frustrated, embarrassed whimper. There was a lot of self pity rolled up in there. We did a tough worked, was feeling good, then Misty sent us on a fireman's run around the park. About half way around I came unstuck. All the slower campers had been sent on a different task, but Misty had decided I could finally handle running with the really fit ladies.

They run FAST. So fast that around the half way mark, I couldn't keep jogging and fell back. Here is when the major self pity took over. Poor little me. As I descended into my wallow, I see Misty jogging across the park, and giving instructions to the ladies who were already pretty far away from me. She sent them back to get me. This made me even MORE embarrassed. Everyone was very encouraging, and they slowed down, but it's really hard to breathe correctly while jogging, when you're doing your best not to blubber!

Today was not like that. Was a tough workout, but I managed to keep up the whole time. Mostly it's that shame of almost crying in front of everyone that kept me going faster.

I've gained 2 pounds over my starting weight. Kinda lost. Need to find some new direction.


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John said...

Good job toughing it out, Jeni. That's the hardest part.


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