Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Completed second bootcamp

Friday was the last boot camp of that session. Early Saturday morning we had our body composition analysis. I'm heading in the right direction, I just wish it was faster!! I've decided to bite the bullet and do a full 5 days/week next session. It starts Monday 30th November, and runs for 3 weeks.
This Thursday they are doing a special free session at 6am for those of us who are going to EAT on Thanksgiving!

Looking forward to 4 days off in a row. My friend Deb is coming to spend Thanksgiving with me. Looking forward to some drinks and video games!

Friday I plan on doing some of those sewing projects that I've been ignoring for the past couple months. Now I'm all done with my zipper intensive course, I should be good to go with invisible zippers! I have 3 skirts "almost" finished, because I couldn't handle the invisible zippers, so I just never got them done.

Decided to use a silk/cotton blend I've been loving to make a sweet new skirt.

#4006 1940s Arches Skirt

Saturday and Sunday are looking like lazy days, before I hit boot camp again on Monday!


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