Friday, October 2, 2009

Day six, week 2 of Bootcamp

Today was fun! Not as fun as Wednesday though. We did a "fireman's run" today. As a group we jogged single file, the person in the front yelled out "go" and the last person would run up to the front of the line, and in turn yell "go". It distracted me enough from the process that I ran much further than I usually do AND I didn't fall out of the group, until we all had a little walk towards the end.

Wednesday we ran up two separate flights of stairs. The little girl stairs (6 flights) and the big girl stairs (10 flights). Then we played a little volleyball with a tiny ball, then dodge ball. If you got hit by the ball, you had to do 10 squat jumps. I am so terrible at sports I ended up doing a total of 60. Happily another girl had to do 90, so I didn't feel too badly about it. We ran some sprint laps too, sort of relay things, in the end it was a ton of fun, the best day at camp so far.

I've been seriously considering next month signing up for the 5 day/week instead of 3 day/week. I think it will be easier to get up every day at the same time, rather than just for a few. Will see how finances & timing goes with my last two weeks of the current session.


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Padawan_Aneiki said...

LOL oh my goodness. I think I would've collapsed by the end of all'd be burying me in a little pine box. LOL

Hope you had a good weekend. :)


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