Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Cross Country sking and chilly boot campsi

This week has been decidedly inclement here in Los Angeles. Normally I complain about the constant sunshine and heat. Monday morning it was raining, although not heavy rain, just a drizzle and it wasn't terribly cold. Tuesday morning it was dry, but 32F (around 0C) which wasn't too bad after the warm up. What I really wasn't prepared for was my car covered in ice. All the drizzle from the day before had frozen into a solid sheet covering my car. I think the last time I scraped ice off my car I lived in Canberra!

The rain has done one very important thing. It's dumped a bunch of snow up where my friend lives in the mountains. This means that I'll probably head up for a spot of skiing this weekend. I want to take a photo of the ski's I've procured, but I don't have them yet, they are still with Russ who went and picked them up for me.

Here is a picture Russ sent me yesterday morning. I love the idea of living in the mountains, right up until I realize how much work it is!


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