Monday, December 21, 2009

That time of the year

It's that time of the year again, and again I find my purse rather empty. Last year I made tote bags, but this year I want something a bit quicker.

I've decided to make some little lined cosmetic bags. For my dance instructors, I'm going to make some lined drawstring shoe bags (for their dance shoes).

I still haven't figured out what fabric to use, for the shoe bags something a little "manly" and for the cosmetic bags I might use a variety of fabrics, mostly so that I can give some to boys to use as a toiletry bag.

I'll do one of each as a test run, then setup a production line so I can do as many as possible tonight and tomorrow night, then leave the rest for Thursday when I'm off work.

I am a little concerned the homemade presents seems a little cheap, but I think it's a lot nicer than a gift card, and I can't think of stuff to get people.

Boot camp finished on Friday. It was very sad. I can't believe another one is over!
On our final jog, I managed to almost keep up with the fast runners. I finished it well before the rest of the ladies, and I was very pleased. Misty took me aside and said I was doing a lot better, improving all the time, I was relieved. Part of the problem with not actually losing any weight while trying so hard, is that niggling voice which says "you're not trying hard enough".
Today I met up with another boot camp lady (Mara) and we did a warm up walk, then jog, then shuffled the cards from the Fit Decks I bought (Bodyweight, Dumbbell and Core) and gave ourselves a really good workout! I know it wasn't a boot camp level workout though, because at no point during the workout did I think "I can't do any more of these". Going to get a kitchen timer I can set for 30 seconds, and push ourselves harder. Counting reps gets distracting, and we have to do so many to get a Misty style workout.

Tomorrow morning I'm going to sew instead of work out. Wednesday Mara has agreed to meet up again, then probably nothing except skiing until next week! Can I go so long without a workout? Probably not, will have to think of something in the interim.


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