Monday, December 14, 2009

Explosions and Weight Watchers website fail

Saturday afternoon I was enjoying my usual time alone, watching some old movies (Father of the Bride with Spencer Tracy and Elizabeth Taylor) when at around 5pm, the blinds shoot and I heard a sort of "whump". It wasn't loud, so I assume it was one of three things. 1) Small earthquake. They are pretty common here. 2) Sonic boom. Also fairly common, but I was too lazy to check online at the time. 3) VERY loud upstairs neighbors dropping something heavy (Almost daily they make the pictures on my walls rattle from just walking around).
It wasn't any of those things. Lou got home about 8pm, and asked "what are all the fire trucks for?". We checked it out. Apparently a gas leak had ignited in the electricity room, and the explosion had put a rather large hole in the back wall of the building. No one was hurt, but a couple cars were damaged, and quite a few apartments have to be vacated until they can fix the damage.
Some pictures
It ended up just meaning we have no hot water (gas has been shut off indefinitely). Sponge baths sound fun and romantic, until you have to give yourself one.

This morning I go to the Weight Watchers site in order to log my breakfast. I get a page which says "You must upgrade your browser". What's funniest about that is... I was using Chrome. The page went on to recommend that I download Netscape Navigator. HAHA. Seriously? That browser hasn't been supported since March 2008.
They page also informed me I had Javascript and Cookies turned off. Do companies really expect people to take their online efforts seriously when they have such outdated code?

Weight Watchers meeting was good on Saturday morning. It's great to hear the truth. I'm not really hungry if I want something bad, if I was hungry I'd want something nutritious. While that sounds great, I couldn't help but eat too much on Sunday. Just remembering to "stay on target".


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