Thursday, December 10, 2009

Want results.. pulease!

Only a week (and a day) left of boot camp, and I've kept on those two extra pounds. I don't think my diet has changed, but I'm definitely burning a lot more calories. January I'll be doing an east coast swing dance performance (Arthur Murray show stoppers if you're familiar) so I've been rehearsing 4-5 days a week. That means most days I work out about 2 hours. Did I mention I've gained 2 pounds? I haven't looked at bread, potatoes, fat, soda, fast food, candy, salty snacks, anything bad in months.

Instead of going on feeling sorry for myself, I've joined Weight Watchers. I'm not really the sort who enjoys public shame, or being told not to drink soda (DUH!), but I have to try something new. Two ladies in my boot camp did Weight Watchers, and both dropped more than 40 pounds. One in particular (Sara) told me when she started back in January she weighed in at 220lbs. Now she's about 160. That's pretty damn amazing!

Saturday will be my initial meeting, but I've already set everything up in their online tools to track food & exercise. I back added the last week, and it looks like I've been within a couple points of their recommendation for me anyway.

Did I mention I'm performing in January? I really don't know how I let my instructors talk me into such things.
Joel suggested some songs I might dance to, and I selected a Frou Frou song called "Must Be Dreaming". Last night Joel played me the cut he made, and it is really FAST. I am a little afraid I'll just look like a fat blur. I'll be dancing with two leads, they switch in and out during the routine. Costumes have yet to be discussed, but Joel suggested something "spacey" although I have no idea what that means. If I'm going to sew something I need to know soon, so I can be sure I can pull it off in time.
Already I'll be doing fun stuff like Lindy turns, swivels, tuck turns, and all sorts of linking. Lots of fun, but I have to rehearse, rehearse, rehearse!


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