Friday, November 7, 2008

Mood fabrics definitely changed my mood!

At lunchtime today, Nancy and I headed over to Mood here in Los Angeles. Up until now, the only place I've really had to get fabric has been Joanne's. Anyone that's been there knows it's not the most inspiring fabric store. The one near my house is full of people every weekend, with screaming children to boot. Most of the stuff there is "crafty", for quilting, home decorating, or just plain fugly.
The other place I've had to buy fabric is at my sewing school ( which has wonderful organic cotton prints, and some other fabrics, but they have very limited space, so not a ton of choice.

Mood was amazing!! The sheer volume of choices was astonishing. I picked out about 20 fabrics I wanted to make something from (random images of finished garments were popping into my head) when I realised I'd have to actually check prices on them. YIKES! Quality really costs a lot. I managed to reel it all back in, and chose a very nice silk charmeuse from which I plan to make some nice tap shorts using a free Burda pattern

I can't wait to get home and try making them! Oh NO!! I just remembered.. I didn't buy elastic. Always something right? *sigh*


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