Monday, November 10, 2008

Weekend's creations

This weekend was a nice lazy "in" weekend. Didn't have really anything to do outside the house, except for sewing class on Sunday where I finished my first tote!

Here are the fun things I made yesterday:
Boxer shorts:

They are made using the "jane" pattern from Burda. The fabric is a silk/cotton blend, so they are shiny and a little slippery, but nowhere near as hard to handle as regular silk. I made them for myself, but they don't fit right, so lucky enough Loui likes them!

Tote bag from class:

Close up on stitching:

Close up on handle:

I bought some nice extra fabrics at my sewing school, and made this tote after I got home. Took me about 3 hours? I had a problem with my iron :( It absolutely refused to cooperate and kept giving the interfacing moist air while I was pressing it. Meant it is all bubbly! Darn.

Inside of that tote:

Anyhow.. BFN

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