Thursday, November 13, 2008

Shake it OUT!

Today was "The Great California Shake Out". For those who don't live in Cali, basically we all pretend that it's the "big one", duck, cover and hold.
For emergency services and such, they all practice what to do in the event of a massive earthquake. I've personally not experienced a large earthquake (thank goodness!) and hope I never do. It was a good way to learn how ill prepared we really are. How would I get home from work? What are my chances of getting out of a big old office building? What would I do once I got outside?
I work about 22 miles from where I live.. I'm sure roads would be out of the question, and phone's won't be working very well if at all. What would I do?
I realised that even though I have a fairly comprehensive first aid kit (thanks to Loui) it's all at home! I also have no bottled water at all. What I DO have is guns.. but again.. they are at home, locked up in a secure place to which I don't have a key!

For those who do live in SoCal, where did you spend the few minutes after 10am this morning?

Here is where I was:

While under there, with James also under his desk on the other side of the cube wall, we sorted out some cord issues. Altogether it was an interesting experience.. one I never hope to experience except for in mock format such as today's.


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